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Cody Owens


There are hundreds and hundreds of users emails, so I’m not interested in which ones are invalid or not. Just trying to get the emails working, which they are not.

Whenever Bulk Mailer is active, emails do not seem to get sent to Sendgrid. Sometimes the replies seem to get sent, but that’s it. And I see no evidence that Bulk Mailer is actually doing anything differently than normal. Everything on SendGrid activity still looks like it’s send a singular email, if it in fact ever actually makes it to sendgrid which I’m not convinced it does.

So my original question remains unanswered: **how to check if it’s functioning correctly?**

How do I verify Bulk Mailer is actually doing anything? Why aren’t Topic emails getting sent to SendGrid? It’s set to mail anyone who’s subscribed (which is hundreds of email addresses) but **0** make it to SendGrid when BulkMailer is active.

Right now, we’ve had to disable both of your plugins- otherwise users don’t get any emails.