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Jeremy Freeman

Hi Vinny,

As there was a significant delay in replying to our original messsage as you missed seeing our 3rd reply, I am going to re-post our original message here:

“I’m writing with regards to the initial topic notifications when a new topic/discussion is created. The RBE notifications are being sent to the topic author but not to the group’s subscribers/members. At present, the settings are set for everyone to receive all notifications.”

And our 4th reply:

“There are currently 3 members in the group. With a new topic, we expect all members to receive RBE’s notification of a new topic – at present it is only the author of the topic who receives the notification.”

Your response does not address the issue we are experiencing with the RBE plugin.

I should also add that we have no issues with receiving the standard bbpress notifications to all subscribers on new topic creation – only RBE’s.