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Hi Vinny,

I think I finally get it! I didn’t realize the labels are returned by UPS and not eSE. I hope your new version of eSE addresses these UPS issues.

I have a few suggestions for your eSE rewrite that I think would make this plug-in near perfect:

1. Eliminate the “extra services” detail at check-out and have the cost of these extra services automatically added into the quote listed in the shipping drop-down menu. In other words, it would be great as the shipper to be able to “force” (ie not optional) insurance, signature or delivery confirmation on the purchaser….and just have this cost built into the price listed in the drop down menu. This is especially important for insurance as this “extra service” really only benefits the shipper.

2. Add a “check the box” in the control panel for “signature required” if the order total is over some specified $ amount ($ amt set by the shipper).

3. Add a percentage (or $ amt) premium or discount that can be added to the shipping total….to allow the shipper to subsidize (ie discount) the shipping cost or make it a profit center (ie add a premium).

Just a few thoughts for you to keep in mind. Thanks for all your help and patience with me.