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Hi Vinny,

It’s understandable you do not want to modify/fix your plugin for an issue that is unique to a single user…I totally get that. However, it seems to me the issue I’m having is not unique and affects anyone using the plugin. Anytime “send amounts” is selected, the $ amount listed under extra services is mislabeled. For example, if a user selects both “send amounts” and DC, the $ amount listed combines both the cost for insurance and the cost of receiving a DC. However this $ amount is labeled only “delivery confirmation”…when it really should be labeled “insurance and DC” (or something similar). Am I missing something? Please correct me if the above is wrong.

Perhaps a simple solution to the above issue is to build in some logic that changes the “label” listed under the extra services. I think there are only 3 possible label permutations:

Label 1. “Delivery Confirmation” (only DC selected)
label 2. “Insurance and Delivery Confirmation” (send amounts and DC selected)
label 3. “Insurance” (only send amounts selected)

Please let me know your thoughts,