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You seem to have either forgotten to update the admin screen before copying the second request XML or copied/pasted the wrong one in your email. Both request XMLs you sent me show PickupType=03 which means Customer Counter. I tested on my local and demo machines and got the expected 03 for Customer Counter and 06 for One Time Pickup. The result, as you mention is the same prices – but that is not something within my control. I simply send the XML request to UPS and parse what they send me back as a response.

I’m not very familiar with their Web interface but what I could find when testing it out is that if I select to schedule the pickup, I get the same set of services plus some new ones, which I’m not getting in the API response. Again, that’s not something I can control.

I suggest that you find the correct XML request and response for each pair and open a ticket with them.

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