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Jennifer Sabree

The log is empty, as is Pantheon’s PHP error log. It’s like the site simply refuses to send email via RBE. I’m starting to suspect it’s a Pantheon thing. Tomorrow I can contact Pantheon support and see if they can help.

I checked out Pantheon’s support docs. Found this known issue with confirmation emails sent by the SendGrid Subscription Widget, which might be relevant.

I did some testing and troubleshooting yesterday and have a long list of what isn’t the problem.

First, here’s what your debugging/testing tool has continued to report.

Testing Connectivity… OK
Testing “plus alias” support: Sending test message… OK
Testing “plus alias” support: Checking arrival (pass 3 of 3)… Failed Test message not found in mailbox.
We could not find the test message we sent to your inbox. Please use Gmail/Hotmail/Outlook or ask your email provider if they support “plus aliases”.

But we know plus aliases on Rackspace work. Test messages are sitting unread in my Rackspace mailbox.

When I run the webhook I get “No new messages to process”.

Creating a new topic via email works consistently.

I updated bbPress to the latest version yesterday.

This site has Paid Memberships Pro and several related plugins installed, including the PMPro bbPress Add On. It individual forums to be locked down for members, which was the case initially.

Test cases, all resulting in no change
1. Remove all membership restrictions
2. Disable Paid Memberships Pro – bbPress Add On
3. Disable Code Snippets (used for customization of PMPro and a few other plugins)

PMPro has this under email settings. I’d left “Only Filter PMPro Emails?” unchecked initially. I checked it and tested. No change, so it’s back to being unchecked.

Send Emails From
By default, system generated emails are sent from [email protected]. You can update this from address using the fields below.

From Email: [email protected]
Only Filter PMPro Emails?: [checkbox] If unchecked, all emails from “WordPress <wordpress@appserver-084ba167-nginx-a8285bb823ff49b7bdc7c23e7daf65c8>” will be filtered to use the above settings.

That’s all I got.