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Hi Cameron,

I’m terribly sorry for the delayed reply. Something happened that I never got notified of your question.

The Digests plugin will only keep track of notifications that are triggered by bbpnns. If bbpnns settings are not including that user, she’ll never get any digests. Please check the following:

  1. Go to bbpnns Settings > Support > Dry Run and run a test. Make sure that the user is included in the recipients list. If she’s not, review your bbpnns settings to make sure she does get included.
  2. The dry run will tell you if she’s getting dropped for any reason (like for having opted out via the Opt Out add-on if you’re using that.
  3. If you do see her included in the recipients list, check the bbpnns_digest_queue table for rows with her user_id. If you find rows there, then the Digest is ready to send her messages.
  4. Install WP Email Logging plugin to see what messages leave the site. If you see digests being sent to her, then the problem is with the email host.

Let me know what you find.