= 1.14 =
* Tweak: Remove line number from logger
* Enhancement: Improve database access as some users were returning empty queues even though there was data there.

= 1.13 =
* Tweak: Speed up insertion into queue by using bulk logic.

= 1.12.6 =
* Fix: adjusted number of arguments for body and subject replacement filters.

= 1.12.5 =
* Removed last check logic.

= 1.12.4 =
* Removed extra newline from reply entries in the digest list.

= 1.12.3 =
* Fix: No need to check if it’s cli if the fork function exists.

= 1.12.2 =
* Fix: PHP 5.4.x Backwards compatibility for $user_query->results

= 1.12.1 =
* Fix: Refactored the forking code to work better under high stress environments.
* Added filter: bbpnns_digest_do_last_compare to allow skipping last_check during tests.
* Enhancement: Added a buffer of 2 hours to the last_check timestamp.

= 1.12 =
* Fix: Fixed bug introduced in the previous release causing daily notifications to not go to all digesters.
* Fix: Aggressive caching was sending links to people without access in certain scenarios.

= 1.11 =
* Refactor the child forking code to use proper forking.
* Fix missing parameters to bbpnns_filter_email_body_for_user filter, that was conflicting with opt-out.

= 1.10.1=
* Cron is now calling the action instead of the direct notify method.

= 1.10 =
* Added workaround for hosts that kill the notify cron too soon. We’re now running in batches of 10, with children being spawned sequentially.

= [20-Dec-2017] =
* Remove debugging left behind in previous commit.

= 1.9.6 [13-Oct-2017] =
* Added: .mo and .po files for translations.

= 1.9.5 [11-Oct-2017] =
* Fix: Digesters currently turned off were only getting messages if they had selected immediate notifications in the past.

= 1.9.4 [1-Sep-2017] =
* Attempt to fix conflict with bbpnns-private-groups-bridge

= 1.9.3 [17-Aug-2017] =
* Implement blacklist filter during remove_user

= 1.9.2 [17-Aug-2017] =
* Make enqueue_reply play nicely with Opt Out.
* Pass Digests URLs through ‘bbpnns_topic_url’ filter.

= 1.9.1 [17-Aug-2017] =
* Fix: Remove all ‘bbpnns_filter_recipients_before_send’ filters before sending messages that were already stored in the queue.

= 1.9 [6-Aug-2017]=
* Enhancement: Started using the new API Manager

= 1.8.4 [23-Jul-2017]=
* Fix: Some digesters weren’t being loaded when their settings were updated via the bbpress edit profile screen.

= 1.8.3 [4-Jul-2017] =
* Fix: Make sure the register_user hook gets called also when not in admin mode, to comply with Memberpress and possibly other membership plugins.

= 1.8.2 [30-Apr-2017] =
* Fix: Only the first user was getting the digest list after v1.8’s attempt to not render [digest-list] in subject lines.

= 1.8.1 [28-Apr-2017] =
* Fix: Closure used to get message was failing in some environments. Moved it to a callable method.

= 1.8 [26-Apr-2017] =
* Enhancement: Improved the way replies are displayed in the digest list
* Fix: Turning off digest-list rendering by default so that bbpnns won’t try to render it if it’s part of the subject line or post body
* Fix: Improve login link action priority. It was being overridden by some other plugins and therefore not sending the user back to the post after logging in.

= 1.7.1 [16-Apr-2017] =
* Fix: Remove call to shortcodes class that is not yet ready.

= 1.7 [14-Apr-2017]=
* Enhancement: Make it easier for third-party plugins to hook into the Digests preferences form.

= 1.6 [25-Jan-2017] =
* Fix: Corrected the unique indices so that duplicate rows don’t get inserted into the queue table
* Fix: Made bbpress profile screen fields work nicely with the Digests Enabled flag
* Fix: Improved verbiage of the bbpress profile screen fields – they didn’t make much sense.
* Fix: Digesters loader takes Enabled into effect.

= 1.5.2 [13-Jan-2017] =
* Fix: Front end frequency were not sticking.

= 1.5.1 [29-Nov-2016] =
* Enhancement: replaced old checks for bbpnns effectiveness with the filter provided by bbpnns.
* Fix: During profile save, check if there is a nonce before validating the nonce. Returns false if no nonce is found.

= 1.5 [21-Nov-2016]=
* Enhancement: Improve the way the Digests settings are displayed in the WP user profile screen
* Added: Added default instant forum notification preference in Settings > Forums > Email Notifications.
* Fix: Show Digests settings if Overrides are on, even if no roles are selected.

= 1.4.7 [6-Sep-2016]=
* Fix: Remove jQuery positioning in bbpress profile field as it sometimes raises a Hierarchy error.

= 1.4.6 [24-Aug-2016]=
* Fix: Resetting success status after a user failed so that the next users can be purged upon successful mailout.

= 1.4.5 [26-May-2016]=
* Fix: fixed bad versioning number from 1.4.4 which didn’t let it stay updated
* Fix: using esc_url_raw for topics and replies

= 1.4.4 [22-May-2016]=
* Fix: fixed case where topic names/links would be empty in the Digest email.
* Fix: changed escaping for login URL so & would no longer be converted to &.
* Added: Code to help bbpnns BuddyPress Bridge handle Digests in extended profile fields.

= 1.4.3 [8-May-2016]=
* Fix: fixed a typo in the name of the filter for topic li entries.
* Fix: adjusted position of esc_url() so that it applies to the filtered entry.

= 1.4.2 [7-May-2016]=
* Improved: Better reply links in the digest;
* Added: Filter to adjust only the reply links instead of having to do the whole digest
* Added: set_time_out(0) is now being called to avoid timeouts for large lists

= 1.4.1 [27-Mar-2016]=
* Fixed: Making sure that Digest mailout keeps its line breaks.

= 1.4 [20-Mar-2016]=
* Added: New option to force notifications regardless of Digest settings. Sponsored by Omar from Virtuworks.com
* Added: Admins can now set the default Digest setting for new users. Settings -> Forums -> Default Digests Frequency.

= 1.3.1 [15-Feb-2016]=
* Fix: Gracefully handle when no roles were selected in bbpnns.
* Added: Changes necessary for working with Ultimate Member plugin

= 1.3 [21-Jan-2016] =
* Replaced regular digest_body textarea for WYSIWYG field

= 1.2 [09-Dec-2015] =
* Added: Force user login for hidden or private forums.

= 1.1 [19-Nov-2015] =
* Added: Replies are now sent along with the email.