WordPress eShop Coupons Plus Plugin

WordPress eShop Coupons Plus Plugin extends the coupon/discount code functionality for eShop with fixed value and per-product discounts as well as allowing limiting coupon use on a per-client basis.

eShop is an excellent eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It works with just about any theme and is highly customizable. It does have a few shortcomings, like any piece of software, and this plugin was designed to overcome some of them.

eShop’s native coupon/discount code functionality allows the shop owner to select 2 basic coupon types: Free Shipping and Discount Percentage. One of the requests that I’ve had from several clients was to extend the discount system so that it allows a Fixed Rate discount applied over the cart total.

WordPress eShop Coupons Plus Plugin is the result of that request. I’ve also taken the liberty to add an ‘Apply to Products’ section which, when set, will allow the coupon to be used only if the specified product or products are in the cart. As of version 1.2, site owners are able to specify how many times a coupon can be used per client.

Version 1.3 features another client’s requests: the ability to enable free shipping on non-free-shipping-specific discount codes. Now it is possible to give a discount (percent or fixed) and also waive shipping costs.

All this integrated into the native administration screens.

eShop Coupons Plus

Seamless integration with eShop Discount Codes

Site Wide Fixed Discounts

Site Wide Fixed Discounts



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2 thoughts on “WordPress eShop Coupons Plus Plugin

  1. Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that will allow a discount code to be used once per customer. Currently the WP coupon has this feature but it filters customers who have already used the coupon by email address which can be easily changed by the customer. Therefore I would like to filter by billing address. Can your plugin do this? many thanks

    • Hi Tom,

      eShop Coupons Plus also filters by email address by default, but in the upcoming version 1.4 people can use the hook ‘ecp_client_info_for_usage’ to make it filter by anything else. The parameters passed are the client’s email address (to be replaced by whatever you want), and the coupon object.


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