Handling Fee Add-on for eShop Shipping Extension

This add-on for eShop Shipping Extension allows you to add a Handling Fee to the price returned by your active Shipping Carriers.

New with version 2.0: you can now specify different fees for different services!



  1. Install eshop-shipping-extension plugin from WordPress.org if you haven’t already done so (min. v2.1.4 required!);
  2. Upload eshop-shipping-extension-handling.zip to your blog’s wp-content/plugins directory;
  3. Activate the plugin in your Plugin Admin interface;
  4. Set eShop shipping preferences to Mode 4 (by Weight & Zone);
  5. Set the Shipping Weight Units under eShop -> Shipping;
  6. Go to Settings -> eShop Shipping Extension to activate and configure your Handling Fee Add-on.


1. Set up a global handling fee…

Handling v2.0

2. … or different fees for different services.
Handling v2.0

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