eShop Dynamic Checkout State/County/Province

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Dynamically load the correct State/County/Province in Checkout forms according to the selected Country.

Improve your customer’s checkout experience by showing the appropriate State/County/Province when the Country field is changed.

If the selected country does not have any regions in the database, replace the drop-down with a text field.

Comes out of the box with US and Brazilian States, and Canadian Provinces. Additional countries/regions will soon be available.

For best results, use with eShop Shipping Extension.


  1. Upload to your blog’s wp-content/plugins directory;
  2. Activate the plugin in your Plugin Admin interface;


1. The Alternate State field is removed, as it is no longer necessary. If a user selects a country for which there are States/Counties/Provinces in the database, then a drop-down is presented. The Country field is moved to before the State/County/Province field for better flow.

eShop Dynamic States - Screenshot 1

2. If no data exists in the database, then a text input field is presented to the user instead.

eShop Dynamic States - Screenshot 2

 Additional Region Packs

If US, Canada, and Brazil aren’t enough for you, check out our Region Packs at very affordable rates.

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