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Back in 2002 I decided to host my own sites and those of my clients and friends. To do so, I hired a very expensive internet connection, moved into the living room so that my bedroom could serve as a Data Center, and put together some old hardware to serve as a makeshift web server. Setting up the software was relatively easy, but it wasn’t long until I had to give up my idea due to faulty hardware and excessive maintenance needs. I had to move back to a hosting company, my dream shattered due to limited server access (no root, limited ssh, and so on).

Last year I had a second chance at that dream when I found out about I hired a VPS for my sites (this one included) and now I have everything I had back in 2002 (including my bedroom back!) and no worries regarding hardware failure. I am extremely satisfied with my services, especially since I even got a free memory upgrade. And all that for a fraction of the cost of my 2002 server and cheaper than my old Godaddy bill when hosting more than 2 domains. If you don’t want to share your resources with other people, they also offer Dedicated Server plans.

If you’re looking for reliable and inexpensive web hosting and know how to set up your own software, I strongly suggest If you don’t know how to set up your own software, then I still strongly suggest, and leave the System Administration stuff to UseStrict Consulting! Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your SA needs!

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