PHP/Apache quick troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Apache/PHP install

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Just finished installing Apache+PHP on my machine after having it remastered… After recovering the <VirtualHost> settings from my old httpd.conf, and setting up PHP using the msi, all my old PHP pages were either simply not parsing the PHP code, or sometimes even printing it on the screen – NOT what I wanted.

So here’s a little heads up for anyone having the same problem:

a) Check your apache error logs. You’ll probably find them under your <ApacheInstallDir>/logs/error_log

b) Verify that you have the AddType directive for PHP in your httpd.conf (AddType application/x-httpd-php .php); as well as the other settings for PHP (check install.txt file in your PHP directory)

c) Look for the short_open_tag directive in your php.ini file and set it to On if you want to be able to use <? instead of only <?php

d) Make sure the display_startup_errors directive is set to On

The culprit in my case was item c). I don’t have the patience of typing the 3 extra characters to open my PHP code, and PHP was simply ignoring it all.

Hope this helps.

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