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UPS Shipping Rates for eShop

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Use Wordpress eShop UPS Shipping Rates Plugin to replace eShop’s default shipping methods with live calls to United Parcel Service.

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Product Description

Use WordPress eShop UPS Shipping Rates Plugin to replace eShop’s default shipping methods with live calls to United Parcel Service.

eShop Shipping Extension framework overrides eShop’s default shipping methods. WordPress eShop UPS Shipping Rates Plugin allows interacting directly with UPS real-time shipping rates and services.

Please note that if you’re using WooCommerce, turn away – this is NOT FOR YOU! This works with eShop for WordPress only.


  1. Install eshop-shipping-extension plugin from WordPress.org if you haven’t already done so (min. v1.4 required!);
  2. Upload eshop-shipping-extension-ups.zip to your blog’s wp-content/plugins directory;
  3. Activate Wordpress eShop UPS Shipping Rates Plugin in your Plugin Admin interface;
  4. Set eShop shipping preferences to Mode 4 (by Weight & Zone);
  5. Set the Shipping Weight Units under eShop -> Shipping;
  6. Go to Settings -> eShop Shipping Extension to activate UPS interface;
  7. Follow the instructions on how to obtain your UPS API credentials, and save your preferences.

Supported Services

This version of the UPS API integration does NOT support Ground Freight Rates service, because UPS separates their APIs into GFR calls, and everything-else calls. GFR support will be made available soon. This module can be used for the following UPS services (where available):

  • UPS Ground
  • UPS ExpeditedSM
  • UPS Express
  • UPS Express Early A.M. SM
  • UPS Express Plus
  • UPS Next Day Air Early A.M. SM
  • UPS Next Day Air Saver
  • UPS Saver
  • UPS Second Day Air
  • UPS Second Day Air A.M.
  • UPS Standard
  • UPS Three-Day Select
  • UPS Today Dedicated CourrierSM
  • UPS Today Express
  • UPS Today Express Saver
  • UPS Today StandardSM
  • UPS Worldwide ExpeditedSM
  • UPS Worldwide ExpressSM
  • UPS Worldwide Express PlusSM


Use the forum to post your questions and I’ll help however I can. For fastest results, make sure you include the following:

  1. eShop Shipping Extension version
  2. UPS version
  3. Debug XMLs
  4. Complete Error Message, if applicable


Additional Information

License Type

Single Site License, Up to 5 Sites License, Up to 25 Sites License


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